In 2021, the National Foundation of Alpha Psi Lambda will launch new scholarship opportunities. Please come back to this page for more information in the late first quarter of the year.

The National Foundation of Alpha Psi Lambda (NFAPL) strives to help students fulfill their dreams of obtaining a degree from an institution of higher education.

The NFAPL provides two (2) scholarships every calendar year. Scholarships are open to any student in an institution of higher learning, with one scholarship going to a member of Alpha Psi Lambda, National Inc., and another to a student currently enrolled in a university or college across the United States of America.

The National Foundation of Alpha Psi Lambda is committed to equal opportunity. Therefore, The National Foundation of Alpha Psi Lambda does not discriminate against scholarship applicants on the basis of gender, race, national origin, citizenship, disability, age, color, creed, or sexual orientation.