Opportunity, success, and achievement. 


These words describe the promise made possible through a well-rounded education and a robust preparation for leadership.  Many begin the journey, but there are many obstacles and challenges along the way. 


Latinos compose nearly 17% of the American population making Latinos the largest ethnic group in the United States.  However, according to the Hispanic Pew, only 8.5% of all bachelors’ recipients were Latino.  The dropout rate for Latinos in high school was 15.1% in 2010.   Many of those students who graduate from high school and go onto college struggle with financial difficulties and limited opportunities for leadership development.


There is a need to ensure the availability of education and leadership opportunities for Latinos.


Drafting a set of blueprints


Established in 2009, The National Foundation of Alpha Psi Lambda (NFAPL) is a nation-wide, not-for-profit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) foundation devoted to the educational advancement, leadership training and character development of Latino students and others through various programs, scholarships, and support.


Generous donations from Alpha Psi Lambda members and alumni, the Latino community, financial and in-kind contributions from strategic partners, and a revenue-generating program model are all key components of the deliberate and organic growth trajectory of the NFAPL.


Building a foundation


Just as with any structure designed to endure, it is critical to build a strong foundation.  The NFAPL is no different.  The five-year goals of the NFAPL include objectives such as:


  • Establish the organization’s infrastructure

  • Secure not-for-profit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status

  • Create scholarship awards

  • Foster strategic relationships on key campuses and chapters

  • Develop programming

  • Generate adequate and diverse revenue streams

  • Hire professional staff
 In the initial steps, the NFAPL relies upon the philanthropic efforts of its volunteer board. 


Why support NFAPL?


For those who are residents and citizens of the United States, we understand the importance of education and how such an achievement creates opportunities that may not otherwise be available to us. 


For those who are Latinos, many of us are first generation college graduates who remember the struggles and sacrifices made to finance our education.  On many campuses and communities there are few, if any, educated Latinos who can serve as a mentor or as role models for our Latino students. 


For those who are Sisters and Brothers of Alpha Psi Lambda, we have been blessed.  Through summer’s heat and winter’s cold, we have forged lifelong bonds and became members of a new “familia”.  As Alpha  Psi Lambda members you have also developed lifelong skills that directly impact your career as well as the community you serve.  NFAPL serves all, but most importantly, it is the best way for you to ensure even greater opportunities for future generations of the noble to reach the stars.


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