Latino Heritage Programs

Solving problems and challenges can be exciting, and among them, few challenges are more satisfying to overcome than is putting together a complicated puzzle.

All the different shapes and sizes of pieces must somehow fit together in a way that makes sense, and after all the effort, the big picture must come together as well – come into focus and reveal a seamless and complete image.


In a way, the Latino Heritage Program (LHP) is like a big puzzle… and here are, in no particular order or priority, the pieces of the LHP puzzle:

  • Promote the ideals of Latino heritage and cultures
  • Encourage the development of leadership values in undergraduate students
  • Create educational opportunities for students though hands-on activities
  • Offer an entrepreneurial project with a prospect of potential revenue for student organizations and the Foundation
  • Engage Latino community members and students in a collaborative way

At its most basic level, an LHP is a local campus-level event which is co-developed, coordinated and co-hosted by a Latino-interest campus student group (such as an Alpha Psi Lambda chapter or other organization) and a member of the NFAPL Board of Trustees.

Purpose & Objective

Each LHP shall be educational, cultural, or leadership-developing in nature and the specific theme and agenda for each shall be determined by the Latino-interest campus student group and a corresponding NFAPL Board Member.  Over a 3 to 6 month timeframe, the students and the NFAPL will work on developing the LHP, soliciting funds and sponsorships from the college and local businesses, promoting and delivering the LHP event.

Collectively, the Latino Heritage Programs are a series of nation wide, coordinated, cultural and educational events which put all the pieces listed above together, in one big picture, all across the United States and for the benefit of Latino youth.

If you are interested in getting involved and participating in a Latino Heritage Program near you, be sure to visit the Volunteer page!

Here are some examples of LHP events:

 Event Theme & Timing
 Event Content
  • Welcome Back Fiesta
  • Autumn Fiesta
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Dia de los Muertos
  • Dia de los Reyes
  • Spring Fiesta
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Latino Graduation
  • Latino Awareness Celebration

  • Cultural celebration
    (language, music, food)
  • Dinner & Dance Formal
  • Fashion Show
  • Educational or Lecture Series
  • Community Event
  • Career Mentoring Event

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