In 1985, thirteen women and men at The Ohio State University created Alpha Psi Lambda - the first co-ed fraternity in the United States open to all college students with an interest in the people, language, and cultures of Latin America and Latinos in the USA. 

Their values included a desire to create a family-centric organization focused on developing leadership, education, character, and an appreciation for others’ cultural heritage among the Sisters and Brothers in its membership. 

In less than 30 years, Alpha Psi Lambda has grown into a national fraternal organization with over twenty chapters and two thousand alumni across the country.

NFAPL - something new

In 2009, Alpha Psi Lambda National established a new organization with a new purpose, new vision, and new goals.  As an outgrowth of the noble values and original mission, the NFAPL was created to narrow the focus and broaden the reach:  to promote the educational and leadership development of Latinos across the country.

Opportunities and intentions exist for meaningful collaboration between NFAPL and Alpha Psi Lambda members, alumni, and chapters. However, NFAPL was established to serve young Latino leaders-in-training and Latino students without regard to their membership with any fraternal organization.

Common origin, different objectives

It is helpful to consider the following comparison:

Alpha Psi Lambda is comprised of numerous collegiate chapters across the country which are under the charter and governance of Alpha Psi Lambda National.  The purpose of the National is to:
  • Preserve and protect the purposes and ideals of Alpha Psi Lambda
  • Charter and supervise collegiate chapters across the country
  • Connect and serve members and alumni across the years

NFAPL is currently comprised of a volunteer Board of Trustees working to build a foundation, with a vision towards developing programs in support of the NFAPL mission, raising funds to establish an office, and disseminating scholarships to worthy students.  Ultimately, the purpose of NFAPL is to promote education and leadership for Latinos by:
  • Developing and supporting programs
  • Applying for and offering grant opportunities
  • Serving promising Latino youth across the country

If you are interested in becoming part of the Board of Trustees, please contact us at nfapl@nfapl.org

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